Resident Evil 7 Trailer Showcases Guns, Cannibal Family

Capcom has launched a brand new trailer for Resident Evil 7. A clip revealed a great deal of details about the antagonist Baker family along with the protagonist Ethan. Fans from the game visited the Tokyo, japan Game Show understanding that Capcom is going to be revealing some facts about Resident Evil 7.


To date, Capcom didn’t dissatisfy their fans. The show has revealed some eerie screenshots, in which the fans often see the Baker family eating while Ethan is tied. In addition, Capcom has additionally launched a completely new trailer for that game which sheds more light towards the story.


The storyline trailer of Resident Evil 7 introduced the fans to the bottom of the sport. Gamers will have the ability to go ahead and take role of Ethan. He was apparently kidnapped and introduced to some farmland in Louisiana as they was looking for his missing wife.

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The farmland is thought to be possessed with a psychotic mutant family referred to as Bakers. The Bakers are specifically resilient animals, as observed in a clip. They could withstand a barrage of close-range shots from the pistol.

The Bakers can even survive a fireplace and finally an overflowing vehicle. So far, it is a puzzle how Ethan will fight these mutants. The Bakers appear to become unkillable in many ways.

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The Resident Evil 7 dining room table scene was much like that in the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The Bakers attempted to give Ethan with creepy objects in the dining room table. It’s possible the objects the Bakers eat may be the catalyst of the mutant capabilities.

However, Ethan’s disinclination to cooperate gained him a knife targeted to his face. The dinner scene unveils much more about the antagonists, showing the Baker family aren’t intelligent animals.

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However, they involve some superhuman talents, and in addition they possess a twisted lifestyle. The sport could be attached to the previous Resident Evil games. It’s unlikely though the past Resident Evil figures will display in the new game.


In addition, there’s an enormous possibility the Baker family is because of a test that is being altered by Umbrella Corporation. This in some way describes the look from the Umbrella chopper within the demo.

Resident Evil 7 is placed to produce on The month of january 24, 2017. It will likely be readily available for PC, Ps 4 and Xbox One. Hence, there’s still considerable time for Capcom to reduce more light towards the game’s story.

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