Destiny Rise Of Iron: All-New Perks Added By Bungie

Future Rise of Iron doesn’t emerge for any couple of more days. However, some curious fans have previously dug in the complete listing of new equipment perks being put in the brand new expansion. As a whole, you will find 57 new modifications you should use when the expansion goes survive September 20. Here are the significant ones.


Speed Demon – Elevated sprint speed, elevated movement speed while striving your weapon, and tighter turn radius while sprints.

Titan gamers will get a substantial speed increase in Future Rise of Iron, because of the new Dunemarcher exotic boots. You may expect those to be popular in PvP, which means you better focus on your goal unless of course you need to get cut lower with a running and gunning Titan.

Howling Flames – Make use of this to release a fiery Solar eruption that weakens opponents and deals damage with time.

Though still unconfirmed, many fans predict this perk is going to be attached to a different exotic sword. Maybe it’s a strong option for mopping up less enemies in raids along with other PvE content.

The Corruption Propagates – Opponents that take repeated hits out of this weapon spawn SIVA nanites that attack other opponents. Fallen take extra damage.

This really is another PvE-centered perk. That one is rumored to become a perk for that new pulse rifle. Its usefulness against fallen opponents will certainly be considered a huge bonus because the faction is Rise of Iron’s primary antagonist.

There are lots of more perks to look at within the approaching expansion. Here is the entire perks list thanks to RiseofIronHype in the Future Subreddit. It will not be lengthy before getting for their services, since Future Rise of Iron releases in a few days!


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