Achieve For That Sky! Altitude Goes Free-to-Play?

Achieve For That Sky! Altitude Goes Free-to-Play

I haven’t performed Nimbly Games’ Altitude, but from just glancing at its game play, I recieve the sensation it’s a souped-up, online form of the plane-versus.-plane modes from the classic Atari 2600 game Combat. And That I rather such as the seem of this.

If you want the seem from it, too, we have great news: The sport has become totally free. Nimbly staffer lamster published around the game’s forums the 2009 week, explaining that they’re making the move “strictly to draw in new gamers we won’t make anything from Altitude.” Well, that’s generous of these.

Wednesday’s patch also adds widescreen support towards the game and up-to-date the seem library to lessen latency, in addition to adding several console instructions.

Altitude offers seven different game modes and a multitude of planes and pilot perks. If you are interested, browse the game here.



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