Paper Mario: Color Splash (Wii U) Introduced

Paper Mario: Color Splash (Wii U) Introduced

Mario’s clearly flatter form has came back for just about any rainbow romp on Wii U – plus it looks mighty familiar.

Fans in the Paper Mario series wanting balance-maligned Paper Mario: Sticker Star would be the last installment available inside the franchise have observed their hopes dashed today. Nintendo has revealed the newest addition, Color Splash, coming for Wii U in 2016 — plus it looks to get following within the actions.

Occur a completely new locale referred to as Prism Island — that’s a nice change from the all pervading Mushroom Kingdom, I guess — the title follows the ever-plucky Paper Mario while he attempts to return color for the bleached landscape from the once-lurid paradise. Connected him, obviously, is Princess Peach, it is therefore a relatively victorious one she’ll be being kidnapped eventually.

Classic series elements, such as the hammer attack, could make returning. Only now, it’s this type of coat of paint — literally. Striking the weapon lower onto a black-and-white-colored-colored bit of scenery will brighten in technicolor (others taking advantage of serious Epic Mickey vibes using this?) and trigger occasions, for instance Paper Toads being freed or new pathways being revealed.

The game borrows plenty of aspects of Sticker Star, and for that reason many devotees are likely puzzled by this. Mainly returning could be the fight system, that involves using consumable stickers much like Sticker Star, every one of these signifies only one-use attack. It will likely be interesting to find out how Intelligent Systems has fleshed this out — especially since the dramatic Factor Sticker attacks, just like a planet-sized fan, also appear like returning.

Also back could be the world map layout, more like the completely new Mario Bros. series than Paper’s Gamecube heyday, having a couple of stage names being immediately noticeable Prism City and Ruddy Road will be the opening two areas, to date as we could see.

According to Nintendo, Color Splash arrives out later this year. Despite its commonalities for the 3DS entry, hopefully the Wii U’s greater processing heft and graphical might provides you with a great, and pretty experience.

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