No new iPhone in June or This summer – report

No new iPhone in June or This summer – report

New claims that Apple won’t release an iphone 4g in June or This summer this season emerged.

Based on Mac Gossips , an agent people mobile carrier AT&T states have have been told by Apple that there won’t be any June or This summer launch for that apple iphone 5.

The less-than-startling thought is made inside a conversation between your representative along with a customer, who given the data onto Mac Gossips.

The AT&T staffer apparently stated that “Apple has informed us that they don’t intend to release the iPhone within the June to This summer time-frame, though you will see a more recent version later on. Regrettably, we haven’t received a release here we are at the brand new phone”.

Typically Apple announces its new iPhone models in the WorldWide Developer Conference that can take devote June of each and every year.

However, whispers happen to be circulating for many several weeks since the apple iphone 5 will not prepare yourself at that time which an apple iphone 5 launch will probably are available in September rather. Some sources reckon may possibly not happen until 2012.

Jonny Evans – Iphone 5 is nowhere near production

Recently, it had been stated that the ‘iPhone 4S’ had been delivered to application designers. Utilizing an A5 processor, as opposed to the A4 sported through the apple iphone 4, the iPhone 4S is allegedly now at the disposal of designers to assist them to get ready for the launch from the apple iphone 5.

Apple a week ago finally released the white-colored apple iphone 4, 10 several weeks after its black counterpart was released. Shipping occasions for that white-colored model have fluctuated since launch and Apple has become confirming only a two-day wait for a white-colored apple iphone 4 around the Apple Store.


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