Battleground Hardline postponed to early 2015

Battleground Hardline postponed to early 2015

As lengthy as Ea is about product delays, the writer has additionally introduced the delay of some other marquee franchise which one might hurt somewhat more. Battleground Hardline won’t make its forecasted October release date and can, actually, not really make 2014 whatsoever. It is set to produce at the begining of 2015, with Visceral Games stating fan feedback in the game’s early closed beta because the reason.

“This feedback also spurred us to begin considering other options and ways we’re able to push Hardline innovation further making the sport better still,Inch states the Battleground Blog. “The greater we considered these ideas, the greater we understood we’d to obtain them in to the game you all will be playing. However, there is just one problem. We’d require more time. Time that people did not have when we made the decision to proceed with starting in just a few several weeks.”

Visceral will concentrate on refining Hardline’s multi-player, adding new single-player elements, and enhancing the game’s overall stability within the coming several weeks.


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  1. T3Kk3N

    September 3, 2016 at 9:02 am

    Why the beta key is invalid? I1ert the key and tells me it&1quo;s already been used, impossible!

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