GTA Online Issues Fixed? | Grand Theft Auto 5 | Grand Theft Auto Online

GTA Online Issues Fixed? Grand Thievery Auto 5 Grand Thievery Auto Online

Rockstar has mostly fixed the internet bug, however, you might lose some products.

There’s what’s promising and not so good news for you personally Grand Thievery Auto fans. Great news: now you can connect on the internet and play! Not so good news: you may be missing some products.

Great News: The Brand New Patch

Late a week ago an area went towards the PS3 and Xbox 360 Console form of Grand Thievery Auto V which will able you to hook up with the servers and play online. There has been reviews that gamers can now get on the internet and play a little, that is a relief to a lot of fans of GTA. The primary trouble with GTA V continues to be the internet gaming, that is now enhanced for much better game play.

Not So Good News: Bye Bye Products

Although Rockstar has been doing a fantastic job in repairing the bond ability, they’ve confirmed that some customers continue to be losing the internet products, which figures are disappearing using their inventories. Rockstar has released an announcement explaining the problem.

“We are ongoing to research what causes the lost progress and what you can do to reduce the outcome until a lasting fix is within place,”

“Also, we haven’t ignored the demands for restoration. We’re while figuring out the variety of addressing the problems for individuals gamers who’ve been affected.”

Should you believed that wasn’t enough, you may wanna put that controller lower if you notice the warning “Rockstar Cloud Services are Not available”. Although you can find to experience, all of the multi-player progress within the session will not be saved. I’d counsel you to place it lower for any bit and go play another game. Give Rockstar a while, they’ll determine the bugs.

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