Bot Business Busted! Hearthstone Bot-Maker Shuts Up Shop?

Bot Business Busted! Hearthstone Bot-Maker Shuts Up Shop?

Well, a minimum of good quality originates from Blizzard’s new anti-bot stance in Hearthstone.

A week ago, we asked whether a brief ban would be a severe enough punishment for gamers discovered to be botting in Hearthstone. Maybe, not, however it was apparently enough not less than one bot plan to refer to it as quits.

Reported by Eurogamer, a very common botting tool, Hearthcrawler, has shut its doorways, making its program no more available and departing only a brief, teary-eyed statement on its website:

“Dear Community,

“This is our last official announcement. The current ban wave in Hearthstone hit lots of customers. After talking about this with Blizzard, it’s obvious we must remove our services/items now. Please be aware that we’re not really leaving comments further about this.

“Thank all of you for being a member of our community. We’re very sad relating to this however, you also know botting is from the rules so we all understood the day when our items doesn’t work any longer will come. With tears within our eyes we must say bye.

“In love, the entire group of Crawlerbots.”

It makes me so sad when poor, hard-working cheaters are punished. Oh, the injustice from it all!


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