Google and Asus get together on 7in tablet?

Google and Asus get together on 7in tablet?

Google and Asus are considered to be teaming up to make a co-top quality 7in tablet that may launch as soon as May.

Digitimes claims the low-cost tablet – likely to retail for between $199 and $249 (£126 to £158) – is going to be one of the primary to make use of google’s Play store, based on its sources.

Asus was selected because the manufacturing partner with this Google project in front of HTC and Acer, the report states, though HTC was declined because it was reluctant to make a low-cost tool and had was adamant on leading the product’s development.

Acer did not have its very own in-house development and research facilities, the report states, and Asus was selected in front of it due to its ODM (original design manufacturing) capacity and product quality.

There have been no signs which areas this type of device would launch in but it’s expected the co-top quality tablet could pose a significant challenge to Amazon’s Amazon Kindle Fire.


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