Mortal Kombat PS VITA will run at 60FPS

Mortal Kombat PS VITA will run at 60FPS

Erectile dysfunction Boon, Creative Director at NetherRealm Galleries has confirmed that lately introduced Mortal Kombat game for Sony’s Ps VITA will runs at 60FPS.

Mortal Kombat PS VITA screen

Inside a recent Q&A session on EU PS Blog, Erectile dysfunction Boon was requested, “Will the PS Vita version keep your PS3 version’s smooth 60 fps framerate?”

For this, Erectile dysfunction Boon responded, “Yeah. We wouldn’t accept any compromises there we wanted the sport to operate in the same framerate because the PS3 version. Quite a few internal people suggested running it at 30 fps – “we could do that which and that” – but we understood it might feel different. We didn’t would like it to feel sluggish or unresponsive.”

Mortal Kombat for PS VITA will launch in Spring 2012.


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