CES: Yahoo launches Go service

CES: Yahoo launches Go service

Yahoo chairman and CEO Terry Semel launched a new service on Friday that connects users to Yahoo Internet-based services through multiple devices.

The service – Yahoo Go – comprises the Yahoo Go Desktop, Yahoo Go Mobile and Yahoo Go TV interfaces, serves up Yahoo content such as photos, email and address books, no matter what device a consumer is using as long as it is connected to the Internet, Semel said.

The three interfaces are designed for the screen of the specific device, and Yahoo Go automatically knows which device is being used to access the service and will bring up the appropriate interface, he said.

Internet is a network shocker

Semel observed: “We think the Internet is not a web page or desktop, [but] an infrastructure and delivery vehicle for communication, experiences, entertainment and any kind of data you use on the Internet,” he said.

“The next generation is about ease of use and open platforms that connect the Internet to any device that you all will be manufacturing. Yahoo is in the perfect position to be a great partner to all of you who are working on devices in the future.”

Semel unveiled several new partnerships with mobile phone manufacturers and service providers to help deliver Yahoo Go to consumers. Both Nokia and Motorola are making Yahoo Go available on some of their mobile phones.



  1. Yuki-san

    August 23, 2016 at 9:02 am

    Hahaha. Why play this game when there are more decent game such as HoN, LoL and DotA 2?
    Take a look at those range skills. To OP. Also did I just saw Tryndamere at the end?

  2. gavin.greenwalt

    August 28, 2016 at 9:02 am

    Great article, however I think one statement isn&1quo;t true:nn“All you have to do is look at the most successful games to see that it&1quo;s only been possible for them to be massively successful if they don&1quo;t systematically exclude half the population.”nnIt depends on your definition of “most successful”. Sure Myst was super successful. Angry birds is played by more people than just about anything but at $1 per pop it takes a LOT of custome1 to add up to serious revenue and Angry Birds is in a very small group of successful companies. Angry birds made about $0.2 billion in a year. Call of Duty made $1 billion in one day. I would co1ider COD&1quo;s campaign as effective as any at excluding female game1.nThe problem with Nintendo&1quo;s strategy was that they haven&1quo;t done a good job of committing to genderless marketing. The Wii was a great flash in the pan but the WiiU isn&1quo;t retaining the same mass market appeal because they relied on the Wii gimmick i1tead of tra1itioning their broad customer base into a long term sustainable business. If anyone is heavily marketing to women now it&1quo;s Microsoft. Starting with the Kinect they&1quo;ve been pretty clearly trying to include everyone in the family in all of their ads.nAll of this is somewhat moot. In 10 yea1 every single kid regardless of gender will grow up in a world with electronics. One of the interesting distinctio1 I see in age gaps is right behind me. I&1quo;m 27 and my girlfriend is 24, I had a palm pilot in highschool and I was an outlier she grew up with a cell phone. Her classmates all had electronics as a part of their daily life. Just a couple yea1 older and compute1/cell phones were still perceived as a geeky pu1uit. My sister is 3 yea1 older than me and none of her friends were into technology, guys or girls. So I&1quo;m right on the tra1ition between technology being a geeky unpopular pu1uit and it being ubiquitous. But even my girlfriend attributes WOW to the reaso1 she broke up with a past boyfriend. Now every 5 year old knows how to work a smart phone. Everyone is a gamer now. I think game publishe1 are keying into this and like Nintendo shifted focus from re starting to see the shift from a male focused demographic to a unive1al demographic. The trick will be though converting $0.99 app buye1 into $60 hardcore game1. Until that happe1 develope1 will continue to focus on the cash cow.

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