Gabriel launches musicians’ union

Gabriel launches musicians’ union

Peter Gabriel and John Eno became a member of forces to announce a brand new union for music artists at Switzerland’s infuential World Economic Forum summit in Davos a few days ago.

The union is going to be known as MUDDA (Magnificent Union of Digitally Installing Artists). The audience would be to help artists represent themselves as music moves from physical towards digital distribution.

Gabriel told the BBC: “We want one partnership where every artist must have a controlling influence within the whole production process – when they need it,Inch stated Gabriel.

Gabriel, who co-founded Europe digital music wholesaler / retailer OD2, thinks the background music industry may ultimately need to “give consumers what they need.Inch

Gabriel brought attorney at law at Davos, “How will you contend with free?”, where EMI Worldwide’s chairman and Chief executive officer Alain Levy agreed the record companies had made the “cardinal mistake of totally disregarding consumers”. Gabriel stated that his belief is the fact that “you need to contend with free by supplying something better still.Inch

In that session, the participants conlcuded that any effective business design needed to offer: simplicity, “because the Apple ipod device” convenience a filtering function a peer-to-peer mechanism or function new and beautifully designed home appliances and “defined and undefined added value”, for example quality, transparency or prices.”

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