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The Key World Issue #7 Coming The Key World

The Key World’s latest patch is applicable some necessary bug fixes, and primes the pump for Issue #7.

Funcom’s latest MMO, The Key World, includes a major patch coming. For individuals who weren’t after this present day MMO of magic and conspiracy theory, the main content patches are launched just like a comic or graphic novel, in issues! Each issue features new story content, along with a superbly made comic cover.

What is the Issue?

The Key World’s approaching content patch, Issue #7: An Aspiration to Kill, includes a 007 inspired story. Set within the games major zones, Transylvania, gamers will be a part of a fantastic, sexy, spy inspired mystery, that will make Ian Flemming proud!

So that you can imagine when gamers kicked up their patchers and saw something was installing, these were pretty excited. Sadly, the patch that launched today wasn’t Issue #7. Rather, The Key World got a bit of much-needed bug fixes that addressed problems overall. From world visuals and Graphical user interface problems, to PvE and PvP balancing were addressed! Furthermore, Funcom has set up some important elements that Issue #7 will make the most of. Basically, Funcom has primed the pump for Issue #7 with this particular in-between patch.

Venture Out There and Save the planet Again!

Now it’s my use jump on my cleaning soap box and share something along with you all:

Should you haven’t attempted The Key World, and you are keen on either MMOs, adventure games, or urban fantasy and conspiracy theory (I am searching to you X-Files fans!) you must have to provide farmville a go!

The Key World has a few of the greatest quality story telling associated with a MMO out today. The sport features full-length cut moments which are fully voice behaved, and voice behaved well! Figures are significant, tales are mind probing as well as in-depth every character includes a story to inform, and also you arrived at worry about every one of these.

For individuals individuals that still take part in the Secret World, prepare for you have thrilling Jame Bond style adventure, and relish the bug fixes!

Of course,

Comment below, game hard, and remain safe!

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  1. Hew7

    August 21, 2016 at 9:02 am

    I read all the books before the television show was created. I love the books and I love the tv series. However, now that we are in spoiler territory I will not be continuing to follow the story through the television series; I’m going to wait for the books. I won’t be watching this new season coming out, the shows produce1 are essentially saying you will be safe from spoile1 for the most part but it isn’t even really about the spoile1 for me at this point. I just want to discover the rest of the story through the novels and then watch the shows later.

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