Jonathan Ive is ‘best within the business’

Jonathan Ive is ‘best within the business’

Apple’s mind of commercial design Jonathan Ive has once more been chosen ‘the very best in the business’ within the annual Peer Poll devised by Creative Review magazine.

Captured, visitors were requested to cast their votes within the Creative Review Peer Poll 2004. Ive and also the Apple Industrial Design Team won under heading ‘Which Single Person Or Team Would You Admire Most Within The Creative Industries?’

Creative Review also requested four creatives from inside the requested to mention their favourite Apple items.

Tom Roope of Tomato Interactive picks various Apple laptops, while Tony Brook of Spin picks a shiny Power Mac G5 because the object of his desire. Vince Frost of Emery Frost claims the iSight camera makes an enormous amount of difference, while Craig Robinson of Switch Flop Flyin’ plumps for that black G3 notebook just over a G4 12” PowerBook.

Jonathan Ive also won the award in 2003. Creative Review will come in the businesses now.

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  1. Tremellow

    August 19, 2016 at 9:02 am

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