Digitise with Pure Vinyl

Digitise with Pure Vinyl

Funnel D Software has launched Pure Vinyl 1.1.2, reasonably limited suite of programs for digitising vinyl.

The program provides a “scratch” style grab-and-spin editor with realistic, “virtual vinyl” platter images, made in the digitised audio.

Automatic gain riding and looping ensures accurate track location, even just in the existence of vinyl background noise.

When sampling the background music, the program concurrently saves CD format audio while monitoring and recording raw or equalised audio at sample rates as much as 192 kHz. Editing procedures are nondestructive, and precision, 64-bit real-time inverse RIAA equalisation is incorporated.

A totally free, built-in visualiser offers animated, spinning “45 Revoltions per minute” vinyl dvds with artist and track names obtained from the iTunes library.

The constant maintenance release improves usability, streamlines handling of high sample rate files and increases the performance from the iTunes visualiser.

This is an costly solution – the organization is selling the program for $129 until September, once the cost rises to $229. However, a totally free demo form of the program can be obtained in the Pure Vinyl website.

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