Epson debuts e-paper breakthrough

Epson debuts e-paper breakthrough

Epson has effectively developed A6-size flexible electronic paper utilizing a plastic substrate.

The brand new electronic paper accomplishes Quad-XGA resolution (1,536 x 2,048 pixels) and shows the opportunity of growing display size. The expansion was introduced on June 9 in the Society for Information Display (SID) worldwide symposium locked in Bay Area.

Epson development and research teams have centered on thin, light and versatile products that may be reshaped when needed. Within the search the organization has collected and produced a variety of proprietary technologies including cold polysilicon thin film transistors (LTPS-TFT).

LTPS-TFT were put onto a plastic substrate using Epson’s Surface Free Technology by Laser Ablation /Annealing (SUFTLA) technology.

The organization claims its new high-res flexible e-Paper allows customers read the tiniest figures around the display. In another breakthrough, the paper requires little power (6 watts), and can even display information for a short while without any power whatsoever.

Data display doesn’t need power along with a memory function helps to ensure that information doesn’t disappear even when the ability is switched off, the organization stated. The answer requires so couple of exterior terminals the “paper” could be borderless.

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    July 28, 2016 at 9:02 am

    meh that game has more fps problems than idk

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