MacFest hits London

MacFest hits London

The UK’s first Mac show this year has begun. Co-sponsored by Macworld, Apple Online and MacLine, MacFest is taking the Macintosh message across the UK this week. The roadshow is in London on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Manchester on Friday.

The London show takes place at the Novatel, Hammersmith. The Manchester show is at the Contact Theatre, Oxford Road. The roadshows wiil be open from 11am – 7pm and no tickets are required for entry.

Big names on show
Exhibitors include: Adobe; AppleOnline; AviStreaming; C2000/Apple; Canon; Copytrax; Computers Unlimited; Epson; Extensis; Farallon; FileMaker; Formac; Heidelberg; Hermstedt; IBM; INTY; LaCie; MacLine; Mac Recovery Club; MacAlly; Macromedia; Macworld; Media 100; Microtek; Minolta-QMS; NEC-Mitsubishi; Nova Development; OKI; Softline; Swann; Symantec; Teleadapt; and, Wacom.

There will also be seminar-style presentations from Adobe, AViStreaming, Extensis, FileMaker, Media 100 and Wacom. In addition, Macromedia will be running a series of its “Add Life to the Web” seminars at the London event, focusing on Web design and site creation using Dreamweaver 4 and Fireworks 4, UltraDev 4, Flash 5 and Generator 2.

Macworld will be talking to all the exhibitors and many of the show goers tomorrow, but, in the meantime, check out some of the pictures from the first day of MacFest.

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