Destiny’s The Dark Below expansion coming December 9

Destiny’s The Dark Below expansion coming December 9

Bungie has finally released details on its first expansion pack for Destiny, The Dark Below, as well as a launch date of December 9.

The Dark Below will feature a number of new features, which include new weapons, armor, and gear as well as all-new story quests and missions to experience. New multiplayer features, which include new co-op activities, such as a new Raid and Strike mission, and three new Crucible arenas, will also be available. Guardians will also be able to reach Light Level 32, have the ability to take on ten Bounties at a time, and some additional “surprises” Bungie is keeping under their hats for now.

PlayStation owners will be given access to an exclusive Strike mission that takes place in the Black Garden, although Bungie has yet to disclose what exactly players will be doing within the mission.

A new character will also be available in The Dark Below, which unfortunately isn’t a new Guardian class, but instead, a new NPC will be popping up in the Tower. Eris will assist players by delivering new quests and missions for The Dark Below. She’ll offer unique bounties, rewards and help fill Guardians with more information behind The Hive.

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  1. UserID10T

    December 28, 2009 at 9:02 am

    Did you ever play Star Wa1 Galaxies, before it was ruined? That&1quo;s exactly why SWTOR had major issues from launch. I beta tested SWTOR, just like hundreds of othe1 did, from near the beginning of beta phases. The game had so many problems with graphics, lag, blah, blah, blah, even up until and after launch! The development team at Bioware, who are amazing people, were pushed too hard to complete the game based on the deadline provided by the production company that ow1 them. After forcing out a well thought out game that wasn&1quo;t polished, fa1 used the force to express displeasure causing the model change, and the head of Bioware to stand down.
    In regards to Bethesda and The Elder Scrolls Online, their experience in multiplayer gameplay is MINOR. Though it does stem back to some of the original TES titles such as Elder Scrolls: Arena, and I believe ES:Daggerfall. I have HIGH HOPES for this title to be successful, as the deep, rich environments, characte1, stories, quests, and item customization found in the most recent co1ole and PC titles by Bethesda(Including Fallout titles!) show exactly how good they are at what they do. How will Bethesda fail in my mind? Change the game too much. Make it TOO MUCH of an MMO.

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