Mass Effect attraction visiting Great America amusement park

Mass Effect attraction coming to Great America theme park

Have you ever wondered what it might be prefer to experience the field of Mass Effect in tangible existence, then you are fortunate. Great America of California and Ea are collaborating on the completely new attraction in line with the Mass Effect series to feature in the Action Theater.

It isn’t obvious yet when the ride will feature a journey produced by BioWare particularly for excellent America that attracts in the Mass Effect trilogy or even the approaching Mass Effect: Andromeda. However the Action Theater attraction make use of motion-based seating and three dimensional to please and chill visitors. There will probably be also an active artist on deck to narrate and communicate with parkgoers in addition to 4D effects (possibly blasts of air, vibrating chairs, etc.) to simulate an account where visitors are visiting a remote planet to assist “save your day,Inch Mass Effect-style.

This is actually the exact same kind of attraction you’ve likely seen as well as played in before if you have visited a Six Flags location or Nobleman Island during Halloween with special periodic shows or perhaps Looney Tunes-themed rides. It will be different having a shiny new Mass Effect veneer, however, also it sounds pretty exciting. Imagine dealing with the Reapers while you relax and relax and therefore are thrown around in big leather seats.

The ride is going to be opening the coming year, so that’s totally lots of time to conserve for a vacation to California by 2016 if you are an very passionate Mass Effect fan.




  1. Snypa2k8

    December 19, 2009 at 9:02 am

    Just signed up, hoping I can get a key. On a side note, this site has some mmos and stuff i never heard about, I&1quo;m going to have to stick around since yall seem to get the 1up on other mmo sites.

  2. JayMayPlay

    December 23, 2009 at 9:02 am

    GR-6QCY-FH9Z-UU2T-KX4H Well thats my code… looks like I wont need it.

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