Indie Games to look out for on the PS4 | Hohokum | aban hawkins and the 1,001 spikes | Octodad | Contrast

Indie Games to look for around the PS4 Hohokum aban hawkins and also the 1,001 spikes Octodad Contrast

4 Indie games you should think about getting for that PS4!

In the Ps event at PAX Prime they demonstrated 4 indie games, when your thinking about buying the PS4, you should think about getting! Now, I haven’t yet had the pleasure of playing an Indie game, but I’ll be purchasing a minumum of one from the four pointed out.


Contrast is really a 2D/three dimensional puzzle platformer in which the player can shift between your 2D shadow world towards the three dimensional fantasy world. You play Beginning, the imaginary friend of the young girl named Didi. Didi is really a sweet young girl with a dead-beat father and show-girl mother. Her existence isn’t the best so it’s your work, as Beginning, to assist her whenever she needs it. While you play as Beginning, you are able to switch when needed between as being a three dimensional character roaming the sport or perhaps a 2D shadow getting together with other shadow objects/people. Contrast is going to be release prior to the turn of 2014 around the PS4, PS3, PC, and Xbox 360 Console.

Concept Art


OctoDad is really a charming third person adventure game a good octopus father. The primary character and just character to experience is OctoDad, who’s an octopus but everybody else see’s you like a human male. You’ve got a wife, a boy along with a daughter and also you must tackle the issues every day existence. Bear in mind the truth that you are an octopus is really a secret and also you must ensure that it stays, but that’s simpler stated than can be done if you have eight boneless tentacles! You’ll control OctoDad just like a marionette, dragging his braches around while his body flops everywhere. OctoDad can put on small spaces, grab things together with his suckers and knock things over and done with great strength. OctoDad can be obtained for that PS4 and Steam.


Hohokum is really a unique and colorful world had you been will travel around like a kite-like being. You’ll travel around different words were you’ll have different goals, activities and mysteries to discover. The primary reason for Hohokum though, would be to experiment! It’s a game made to be a simple going spot to explore and fuss. It’s not yet been launched and can emerge around the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.

1,001 Spikes

Aban Hawkins and also the 1,001 Spikes is really a remake from the old game and can feature new graphics, sounds, art, featuring. It’s a harsh game in which you must complete the amount with 1,001 lives, but be cautioned: should you lose all of your lives it’s over, you’ll have to start the sport right from the start. Farmville presently has a multi-player mode where one can play with as many as four buddies. Allows see the number of occasions both you and your buddies get wiped out through the new methods and traps! Aban Hawkins and also the 1,001 Spikes is going to be on the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita.

These four indie games appear fantastic, and that i can’t hold back until the PS4 arrives to purchase them!


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