Katana Slices Her Distance To Infinite Crisis?

Katana Slices Her Distance To Infinite Crisis

Turbine’s Electricity World-inspired MOBA, Infinite Crisis, gets a brand new warrior on March 4, and she’s as lethal as her name.

Katana is really a fast-moving, sword-swinging yakuza widow whose weapon, the Soultaker, allegedly consists of the souls of individuals it kills, including Katana’s own deceased husband. Her kendo style is dependent on which type of attacks she’s stored in her passive ability, making her a flexible enemy, equipped to handle a multitude of different situations.

Her mobility and speed are her talents, and her different combat styles make her a perfect jungler, able to cope with various PvE mobs. And “Mistress from the Soultaker” needs to be among the cooler nicknames within the Electricity World. That’s worth something, right?

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