Microsoft to finish Mac support in Home windows Media?

Microsoft to finish Mac support in Home windows Media?

Regardless of the new five-year deal between Apple and Microsoft, it seems a minumum of one Redmond product team has been reshuffled – the Home windows Media for Mac mob.

“Consumers and content professionals are demanding methods to view Home windows Media content around the Mac pc while using platform and tools they are fully aware,Inch stated Kevin Unangst, director from the Home windows Digital Media Division at Microsoft.

Mac customers don’t have to feel too in the cold. Microsoft has rather arrived at an offer with innovative software developer Telestream meaning Home windows Media content (a minimum of unguaranteed content) will have in QuickTime. Mac customers will have to download Telestream’s Home windows Media Components for QuickTime, which Microsoft will distribute free of charge.

‘We stated Flip4Mac, not change to Mac!’

Home windows Media Components for QuickTime is operated by Telestream’s impressive Flip4Mac technology. Yhe Home windows Media components enable Mac OS X customers to experience Home windows Media audio and video directly within QuickTime Player.

“Microsoft’s decision to provide Flip4Mac technology like a Home windows Media playback choice is a tribute to the advantages of our QuickTime-based solution for Mac customers,” stated Dan Forts, Chief executive officer of Telestream. “It underscores Microsoft’s confidence in Telestream and our Flip4Mac brand. In only one year’s time, Flip4Mac has accomplished tremendous success and acceptance by both Apple enthusiasts and partners.”

Forget about Home windows loads

The Home windows Media Components for QuickTime add Home windows Media-playback support towards the QuickTime Player and Safari internet browser. Once installed, it enables Mac customers to see Home windows Media audio and video content from inside their existing QuickTime programs. Additionally, it offers the first solution for full playback of high-definition Home windows Media on the Mac.

The organization also provides a variety of other Flip4Mac Home windows Media components to supply the opportunity to import for editing and export Home windows Media from inside QuickTime-based programs.

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