Apple intends to make earphones much more comfortable

Apple plans to make earphones more comfortable

A patent filed by Apple appears to point out that the organization is focusing on a kind of invertible ear tip because of its earphones that belongs to an agenda made to enhance the user’s comfort.

The patent appears to point out that the user might be given various add-ons using their Apple earphones that they’ll made a decision to use to make a set of earphones they find preferred.

The patent, open to read here, mentions indicates that: “To enhance a user’s comfort, a headset or headphone can include a number of elements operative to supply a enjoyable interface between your audio aspects of the headset (e.g., the ear piece) and also the user’s ears.”

The patent mentions various earpieces, including over-the-ear as well as in-the-ear earpiece. Each one of these earpieces are made to “give a compliant fit from the user’s ear”.

“To supply a comfortable fit for that user, the ear piece can include a compliant outer portion operative to sit in the form from the user’s ear, thus supplying a strong and secure fit that continues to be comfortable. For instance, the compliant outer portion can include a tubular structure combined towards the ear piece and developing an adaptable structure all around the ear piece,” based on the patent.

“The ear piece might be operative to become put into anyone’s ear. To enhance body from the ear piece inside the user’s ear, the ear piece might be substantially encircled with a compliant element. The compliant element can include a curved portion stretching from the ear piece so that the curved portion is positioned in touch with anyone’s ear once the ear piece is placed. In certain embodiments, the compliant element might be bigger compared to user’s ear so that the compliant element may elastically deform, creating an interference fit between your user’s ear and also the ear piece,” creates Apple.

Apple has released it’s EarPod earphones, which the organization stated specified for for any better much more comfortable fit, and also the patent might have been filed with regards to these earphones. However, the mention of the in-ear and also over-ear solutions might point to that Apple has more designs up its sleeve.

The patent was filed in October 19, 2007.

Via Apple Daily Report

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