The Aurora World Closed Beta Set for March 


The Aurora World Closed Beta Set for March

It’s time to get ready for yet another Asian MMO import. The MMORPG in question this time is The Aurora World (try to say Aurora 5 times fast), a tri-faction MMO with notable feature highlights such as 300-player PvP battles, a pet system that evolves as you level while doubling as a mount and…yeah that’s all I’ve got. That isn’t to say that is all there is to do in the game. There are PvE quests and inevitable bosses to slay all in an effort to restore balance to a war torn land destroyed at one point in time by angry gods (what MMO land hasn’t been). In the end though, I had a hard time finding more available info on the game.

A quick glance at the site reveals all the aforementioned features along with 4 professions to choose from, each having two sub-classes you can spec into. Curiously 3 of the professions are magic based in some way with only one profession, -the typical Warrior- utilizing physical attacks. Regardless, if you want to try out The Aurora World you will need to wait till March 7th which is when the official closed beta is set to launch. Beta keys will be made available soon and you can bet we will have some here for you to snag in order to try the game out for yourself. Check out the trailer above for some random gameplay and a cute panda wearing a backpack.


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