Apparent iCloud glitch has Apple offering customers free 25GB storage until 2050

Apparent iCloud glitch has Apple offering customers free 25GB storage until 2050

Either Apple’s iCloud accounting product is suffering a glitch or the organization has all of a sudden become quite generous.

Clients who’d enrolled in Apple’s MobileMe cloud service for email, storage and much more have discovered themselves on offer 25GB of storage until their next payment, in 2050. The problem was initially as stated by The Unofficial Apple Website, who had been alerted into it with a Twitter user. (TUAW recommends: “To determine what your storage plan’s, visit Settings>iCloud>Account in your iOS device.”)

The Today’s iPhone blog reviews that Apple clients who not used at all MobileMe are also offered the disposable lengthy-term storage extension.

Apple blogs have arrived at to Apple for comment, but surmise this should be a glitch, being an additional free 20GB (that typically would cost $40 each year) provided to customers of Apple’s stopped $99-a-month MobileMe service ended up being to have expired on Sept. 30, 2012. Apple had distributed that storage hoping advocating MobileMe customers become its more recent iCloud service, which starts at 5GB of free storage.

The likely glitch comes in the wake of Apple’s miserable week of iOS Maps backlash, which CEO Tim Cook wound up apologizing for. (Steve Jobs apologized for the MobileMe mess a few years back.)


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