Bloodborne’s best are getting more than just bragging rights | Bloodborne

Bloodborne’s best are becoming not only boasting legal rights Bloodborne

Got the platinum trophy? Look out for any code inside your mail!

Bloodborne is really a difficult game. Just finishing it is sufficient to earn a little gaming ‘street cred’.

But clearing all the challenges and unlocking the platinum trophy? Which means tackling challenges including, but aren’t restricted to, beating all of the bosses (optionals incorporated), finding all secret products, finishing all Chalice Dungeons, and so forth. The gamers that make this happen task most likely ought to be granted something not only boasting legal rights, and The new sony appears to become under that impression too.

And thus…

They are offering a unique theme. The theme is distributed out like a code to any or all the gamers who have been insane enough to unlock the platinum trophy. We have only seen it being distributed in United kingdom for the time being, but we are pretty certain this is striking all regions in no time.

I had been thinking about dusting off my copy of Bloodborne soon when preparing for that approaching DLC. Here’s one other reason to obtain into the bloody roads of Yarnham.

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